Launching Soon: Soju-Pop

Iyc Pop is excited to share that we'll be launching a new range of frozen cocktails available across 10 cities in Asia including Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. In collaboration with Tastymas, we have re-imagined our 2 most popular flavours (White Peach & Lychee Bellini and Watermelon Martini) with a higher alcohol percentage (4.5%ABV ) and using only premium soju as the alcohol- base, to give you Soju-Pop!

Soju is the world's best-selling liquor. Traditionally served cold in a small shot glass, you never pour for yourself, but can only receive shots from your friends. Similarly, expect to share and enjoy Soju-Pops in the company of all your family and friends this summer (launching: Aug '19).

Further details to come on @sojupopofficial

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